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Ceramics | Pottery (2 hours)

Ceramics | Pottery (2 hours)

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Ceramics classes offer an incredible and enriching handcrafting experience. We provide two types of clay. One type that dries on its own, allowing you to take your masterpiece home right away. The other type requires baking in an oven, which takes a bit more time but is easier to handle.
Additionally, we offer a variety of glaze colors and even watercolors, depending on the type of clay you choose to work with. This way, you can add a stunning finishing touch to your clay creation :)! 

Kindly note that we have a 12-hour cancellation policy in order to have our booking list properly organised. Not attending your reserved class without canceling at least 12 hours in advance will result in the loss of your payment or one class from your bono.

You can either pay directly at the store with card or cash or even via Bizum and PayPal through our website!

Create beautiful mugs, jewelry holders and much more with oven-bake or air dry clay. P.S. You can also just paint finished bowls, tiles, etc., too. 🍶✨

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